Maddie Ziegler, The New Face of “Impulse” Fragrance

Impulse Australia, together with content agency Emotive, has launched a new video content campaign featuring international teen sensation, Maddie Ziegler. Ziegler who is a New York Times Best-Selling Author, dancer, actress and model collaborated with Impulse Australia to develop the new limited edition fragrance.

In this video titled ‘Getting Ready with Maddie’, Ziegler reveals all her top tips for being party ready, delivering it in her own unique playful and light-hearted style, along with showing her audience how individuality and self-expression are the best ways to make your mark on the world.

Says Ziegler: “I was so honoured to be approached by Impulse Australia to be the muse for their new fragrance launch In my spare time, I love experimenting with art and design, so being able to collaborate for the can design of the fragrance and being able to incorporate my own illustration of my butter y to create something that was authentically ‘me’ was truly a unique and wonderful experience. The whole process was a heart-warming experience and knowing what it will represent for so many Aussie and Kiwi girls is such an exciting thing for me.”

Says Claire Hooper, marketing director of Impulse in Australia and New Zealand: “[…] We as a brand are so privileged to collaborate with Maddie Ziegler as she is an amazing inspiration to young girls to be fearless and trust their impulse.”

Says Andrew Cameron, creative director at Emotive: “Maddie has an incredibly engaged audience so it was important that we stayed true to the type of content that her audience expects from her whilst heightening the entertainment and production values with the involvement of the Impulse brand.”


Maddie Ziegler talks with “Be” how Sia has changed her life.

Famous dancer Maddie Ziegler tells Be how Aussie musician Sia has changed her life, and for the better.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been given,” she says, adding, “I don’t really feel like I’m working with Sia anymore because we are so close so it just feels like we are hanging out.”

The Dance Moms reality star admits Sia gave her the confidence she needed to be able to express herself as she struggled with a lot of insecurities with the rise in fame.

“I used to be super insecure,” she tells Be, adding, “I used to be scared of what people would think of me. Now I just do whatever makes me feel good.”

Maddie shares that collaborating with Impulse to design her own limited edition fragrance was a perfect way of encouraging young girls to feel empowered and beautiful.

“Young girls have to do whatever they want to do too,” she says, “to feel comfortable in their own skin, and do whatever makes them feel good.”

“I think just trusting myself and knowing that I’m capable in my own skin to do whatever I put my mind to is really important.”

Having said that, the professional dancer has still struggled with the intimidation of fame, especially when it comes to social media.

“It’s definitely intimidating at times just because there are all these people watching everything I do,” she admits.

“It does worry me a little bit…people may look at what I post and take it the wrong way.”

“I do have to be careful of what I post,” she reveals, adding, “even if it’s something that my friend’s understand, fans may not get it, so I do have to be careful with what I post or say.”


“I Like Me Better” Music Video

Maddie made a small participation in the new music video “I Like Me Better” by Johnny Orlando and Mackenzie Ziegler. See below the video and some of the screenshots that were added to the photo gallery.

Maddie in an Interview with “Kyle and Jackie O”

Most girls wish that they could dance like Maddie Ziegler, however unfortunately we can’t all be blessed with such incredible natural talent on the dance floor.

BUT, while we might not be able to have Maddie’s technical ability, we can grasp something from the super star’s life and that is her fun and energetic personality that has been brought to life in her new scent!

Maddie has previously made career ventures as a dancer, author actress, model and now she has taken her creative instincts in a new direction to collaborate with Impulse Australia on their latest fragrance release.

And this morning Maddie came on the air with Kyle and Jackie O to chat about this exciting new venture.

“What kind of scent have you gone with?” asked Jackie.

“It’s kind of a mix of my personalities,” replied Ziegler. “It’s definitely light and not too heavy…but it’s like a floral smell, a little fruity, and it’s just perfect for all girls.”

While on the air with the guys Maddie also spoke about the first time that she ventured out from her break-out role on Dance Mom’s to do something on her own. Of course, this was the time that Maddie appeared in her first music video with Sia for the song Chandelier.

“When you did that first video…were you thinking ‘this is the start of something bigger and better for me’?” asked Kyle.

“Well it was the first time we really branched out and did something on my own,” replied Maddie.

“So I was definitely excited to be doing something on my own, but I definitely was like this is the only time I’m going to be working with Sia, so I’m going to cherish this while I can.”

But it was only onto bigger and better things from there for Maddie and this new and exciting fragrance is just a testament to the fact that there’s no stopping her from taking on the world and living up to her dreams.


Girlfriend Australia – Autumn 2018

Maddie Style

I have added several new photos of Maddie for her “Maddie Style” clothing collection. I’ll leave a preview here. Be sure to check the others in the gallery!


Maddie attends Bryce Xavier’s 16th birthday party

On February 15 Maddie and her sister Mackenzie attended Bryce Xavier’s 16th birthday surprise party hosted by her girlfriend and former Dance Moms star Nia Sioux in Los Angeles.

Catch all the excitement (including the big party reveal) in the following videos and photos published in the gallery!

Happy 16th Birthday Bryce Xavier! 🎂🎉

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