Maddie in an Interview with “Kyle and Jackie O”

Most girls wish that they could dance like Maddie Ziegler, however unfortunately we can’t all be blessed with such incredible natural talent on the dance floor.

BUT, while we might not be able to have Maddie’s technical ability, we can grasp something from the super star’s life and that is her fun and energetic personality that has been brought to life in her new scent!

Maddie has previously made career ventures as a dancer, author actress, model and now she has taken her creative instincts in a new direction to collaborate with Impulse Australia on their latest fragrance release.

And this morning Maddie came on the air with Kyle and Jackie O to chat about this exciting new venture.

“What kind of scent have you gone with?” asked Jackie.

“It’s kind of a mix of my personalities,” replied Ziegler. “It’s definitely light and not too heavy…but it’s like a floral smell, a little fruity, and it’s just perfect for all girls.”

While on the air with the guys Maddie also spoke about the first time that she ventured out from her break-out role on Dance Mom’s to do something on her own. Of course, this was the time that Maddie appeared in her first music video with Sia for the song Chandelier.

“When you did that first video…were you thinking ‘this is the start of something bigger and better for me’?” asked Kyle.

“Well it was the first time we really branched out and did something on my own,” replied Maddie.

“So I was definitely excited to be doing something on my own, but I definitely was like this is the only time I’m going to be working with Sia, so I’m going to cherish this while I can.”

But it was only onto bigger and better things from there for Maddie and this new and exciting fragrance is just a testament to the fact that there’s no stopping her from taking on the world and living up to her dreams.


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