Maddie in an Interview with POPSUGAR Australia


POPSUGAR Australia: Hi Maddie! Tell us how you came to work with Impulse.

Maddie Ziegler: I’m so excited to collab with Impulse. It was really cool when they reached out to me — I’ve never done a body spray before and I thought it would be so exciting to do and to share with girls.

PS: Do you think hard about the things you’ll work on and lend your name to?

MZ: I definitely make sure I think about what I do. I’m not going to do anything just to do it. I want to make sure it feels right with me and it feels authentic to myself.

PS: Are you an “impulsive” person?

MZ: [Laughs] Yeah, I would say that I really trust my instincts and I am all about empowering girls — I think that’s exactly what Impulse is about. 

PS: Did you have a hand in picking the scents for your fragrance, or did you just get to decide which ones you like best?

MZ: It’s cool because I actually had a say in what I liked. And I got to help design the can, which was cool. My illustration, my artwork is on the can, which is really awesome. I love to put in whatever I can to all of my projects.

PS: You’ve got so many talents up your sleeve. You dance, you sing, you act . . . do you have a favourite that you gravitate towards more frequently?

MZ: I love everything that I do but dancing and acting are my main focuses in life as I get older. I also love getting to draw, and I love being able to design and create.

PS: You work very closely with Australian singer and songwriter Sia. What’s she like to work with, and are you still close with her?

MZ: She’s the best to work with. It doesn’t actually feel like work when we’re together. We have the best time. And yes, we are still doing things together!

PS: You’re close friends with Millie Bobby Brown, who’s obviously a massive star. What’s she like as a friend, and are you enjoying watching her do so well?

MZ: Yeah, a lot of girls this age can be super jealous of each other, but Millie and I are so supportive of each other. She’s doing incredibly and I mean, her show [Stranger Things] is my favourite show. She’s always cheering me on in every single thing that I do. We have the best friendship, and she’s probably the funniest friend I know. She always makes me laugh ’til I pee my pants.

PS: That’s so cute. How did you guys meet?

MZ: Funny story: she actually was a fan of mine, and then she came to a taping of a show I did. Ever since then we just clicked and now we’re besties.

PS: Teenage years can be hard enough as it is — what’s it like doing it in the spotlight?

MZ: There are pros and cons to it because it is so exciting that I have all these amazing opportunities, and I’m so thankful for everything I do. But the cons are that it can get a little bit difficult sometimes. People think that being in the public eye is easier, but it’s actually sometimes harder just because you have so much more pressure on you, and so many more comments — people telling you what’s wrong with you. It can be tough.

PS: Do you have a tactic for avoiding the nasty people on social media?

MZ: Yeah, I ignore all of the mean comments — I just don’t let them get to me. They don’t mean anything to me.

PS: Now we have a few rapid-fire questions for you! What’s your favourite movie of all time, Maddie?

MZ: I love everything with Zac Efron, but probably 17 Again.

PS: Your childhood celebrity crush?

MZ: Zac Efron.

PS: Woman you admire the most?

MZ: My mum.

PS: Your dream dinner guests if you could have anyone, dead or alive?

MZ: I guess Zac Efron. I’m sorry, he’s the answer to every question [laughs]!

PS: Which app do you use the most?

MZ: Instagram.

PS: What’s something — anything — you always recommend to people?

MZ: RuPaul’s Drag Race! [Ed’s note: you can watch it on Stan.]

PS: What’s your most treasured possession?

MZ: My phone.

Maddie Ziegler’s limited-edition Impulse fragrance retails at $4.99 and is available for purchase at Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and online now.

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