Maddie finds out she has a “Guardian Angel” watching over her on Hollywood Medium


Maddie Ziegler was moved to tears when The Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry claimed that the dancer’s grandmother was her guardian angel.

The pair recently sat down for the recorded session broadcast on E!, with Tyler see in the video claiming that he was being shown ‘birds’ and Maddie having an immediate response of recognition.

‘I’m hearing wings fluttering and they just keep showing me birds,’ he says, with Maddie responding that the reference ‘makes sense’.

‘My grandma would always say, “When I pass, you can see me as a cardinal,”‘ she says.

Next, Tyler says that the ‘connection’ is coming through in a similar way to painting, which the medium claims he does to ‘decompress.’

The mention of painting immediately moves Maddie to tears before Tyler even finishes the thought. ‘It’s like, “I’m with you during this activity. I’m here,”‘ he says.

Maddie is obviously bowled over by Tyler’s revelations and reveals that she not only paints ‘all the time,’ but that she ‘just painted a cardinal last week.’

‘This person’s a bigger part of your life than you even realize,’ Tyler says.

Maddie’s mom Melissa Gisoni is seen in the video watching the meeting on a screen in another room and is moved by the revelation, saying that Maddie had painted the cardinal for her just two days ago.

Even though Maddie never got the chance to know her grandmother, she tells the medium how she feels very close to her.

‘I always wondered what we would have done if we were together,’ she says.

Tyler explained that he felt that this woman is Maddie’s ‘guardian angel,’ and adds: ‘Mom needs to know this person is her guardian angel as well. It’s a group effort.’


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